Baby Cele ‘single and ready to mingle’ after divorcing husband #3

Baby Cele. Picture: Facebook

Baby Cele. Picture: Facebook

Published Feb 2, 2023


Baby Cele recently revealed that she is “single and ready to mingle” after her divorce two years ago.

During a recent interview on “Engineer Your Life” with Lungelo KM, the “Uzalo” actress opened up about her third failed marriage, admitting that although the process was extremely tough, she’s in a better place now.

“With this last marriage, I didn’t anticipate divorce at all,” said Cele.

“My former husband and I were very compatible. We loved the same things, we laughed together and he made me happy.

“They were no fights. No one cheated ... things just didn't work out. The divorce was not easy because we still loved and cared for one another,” she said.

Cele explained that as a sangoma her ancestors revealed to her through dreams and visions that she and her former husband were not “spiritually aligned” and, therefore, must end the marriage.

“My ancestors gave me all the signs that it was time to end the marriage. I was really happy but the signs were all there and I had to make the difficult decision,” she said.

Touching on her spiritual journey, Cele explained that being a sangoma is no a trend, it’s a gift that needs to be embraced.

“I accepted my ancestral calling in 2004. And because I’m a very private person … sometimes when I post about my spirituality on social media, I would see snide comments about how all celebrities are now becoming sangomas …

“I’ve been a sangoma for over 20 years, so no, it's not a trend. Accepting the ancestral gift is not an easy thing to do,” Cele said.

The Durban-based star added that the secret to her staying power in the industry is her ability to remain focused and grounded.

She further explained that, as an actor, it’s important to stay in your lane and avoid disclosing or discussing the details of your contract or remuneration with colleagues.

“You have to honour your contract, negotiate well and respect your job. Other actors are out of work all the time and complain about the industry because they get too set and become complacent.

“Some people don’t know their lines, some people think because they have one million followers that the show depends on them or they are bigger than the show. The industry doesn’t work like that,” concluded Cele.