Cassper Nyovest says he would attend AKA’s memorial - and funeral - if he was in the country

Cassper Nyovest. Picture: Instagram

Cassper Nyovest. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 15, 2023


The family of late rapper AKA recently announced that a public memorial service will be held in the rapper’s name on Friday at the Sandton Convention Centre, followed by an intimate funeral service on Saturday.

The rapper was shot dead outside Wish, a restaurant in Durban, last Friday. Police investigations are ongoing.

Online, a cheeky Twitter user took to the platform to ask one of Supa Mega’s arch-rivals, rapper Cassper Nyovest, whether or not he would be “pullin’ up” at the memorial.

AKA and Nyovest’s beef spans more than a decade.

Throughout the beef, AKA and Cassper dissed each other on countless occasions both on social media and through their music.

However, upon hearing the news of the award-winning rapper’s death, Nyovest put aside his pride and ego and sent his condolences.

Responding to the tweet, Nyovest politely explained that although the two had their beefs, he would have still attended the memorial had he not have work engagements overseas.

“Unfortunately, I’ll be out of the country for work, but if I was around I would’ve went. I would’ve went to the funeral too.

“No matter how you look at it, me and Kiernan shared a lot of great moments together and he contributed to my industry, so I have to pay my respects.”

Some tweeps were upset that the “Siyathandana” hitmaker would not be attending while others begged him.

Here’s what they had to say.

@Qomelide commented: “Very disappointed Cassper. I was hoping that you’d (be) there just to show the people of South Africa that the so-called beef between the two of you was not that deep… if it was real at all. But anyway I understand my brother.”

@KasimiKia said: “Please cancel that trip, show the world how love can lead, those shooters are out there the message you will send if you either perform or attend will be big bro. Please show the world that love leads.”

@ShiviriShaun said: “Please only this time Mufasa👏🙌👏 be present… For the Last Time Dawg, I humbly ask you to this. I am certain your Business associates can understand. Just for that day or few hours.

“👑The RSA needs this man, your presence am certain will mean alot👑.”

Free tickets to the memorial were available via Webtickets but sold out within hours of release. However, the event will still be streamed on YouTube.