Controversial tweet: DJ Sbu threatens to sue Musa Khawula for R1m

DJ Sbu. Picture: Instagram

DJ Sbu. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 26, 2022


Has Musa Khawula's recent tweet about DJ Sbu allegedly swindling Zahara's money earned him a six-figure lawsuit?

It all was started when Khawula shared on his Twitter page that Zahara’s music award trophies were stolen during a home invasion.

“Six of Zahara's music awards have reportedly been stolen during a burglary at her home in Ruimsig; Roodepoort,” he tweeted.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Khawula made a damning statement alluding to DJ Sbu being involved in the burglary.

He wrote; “DJ Sbu who is rumoured to have sent his thug friends to steal 6 of Zahara's awards sets to release 10 NFT pieces on the 30th April 2022. These allegations follow DJ Sbu after he swindled Zahara of her Loliwe funds.”

DJ Sbu warned him to remove the tweet or face a lawsuit.

“R1M Lawsuit coming your way my brother brace yourself,” said DJ Sbu.

Khawula simply responded with a snide comment: “Pay Zahara babes.”

To which DJ Sbu responded: “My legal team says I should at least first give you a chance to delete it in 2 hours. So by 5 pm if this tweet is still up, get ready for R1M debt.’

However, Khawula seems unfazed by the possible legal consequences as he has not deleted the tweet.

In a recent interview with Drum, Zahara confirmed that there was a robbery at her Joburg home during the Easter weekend.

The “Loliwe” hitmaker told the publication that she wanted her trophies back.

“I left home on the weekend of Easter and returned on Thursday 21 April. There was no break-in at the house. Everything was exactly where I found it. The thief did not take anything else besides the six Samas and I want them back,” said Zahara.

DJ Sbu and Zahara’s woes started shortly after leaving TS Records in 2017.

In 2019, Zahara accused the record label of owing her millions of rand for her music royalties.

In September last year, DJ Sbu, who co-owned TS Record with TK Nciza, finally spoke out against allegations made against him and his record label, which has since closed.

In an interview with Massiv Metro, DJ Sbu maintained that he did not owe Zahara, she owed him.

“We made history together and I miss you Bulelwa, I miss you but what I don’t like is she goes out and says I owe her money, because you know that’s a lie ... If you go down to the books at Universal Music, she actually owes us money and she doesn't know that,” said DJ Sbu at the time.

“Zahara is getting 50% royalty rate and the record label is getting paid 50%, and it usually doesn't work like that, ” he added.

It seems South Africans celebrities no longer allow trolls to bully them on social media.

Take for instance, the recent court case in which Judge Denise Fisher ordered Ntsiki Mazwai to pay damages with costs to Euphonik for making defamatory comments on social media about him.

Bonang Matheba sued podcaster Rea Gopane, for R500 000, after he accused her of using drugs.