Emtee once again takes aim at Big Zulu in rambling Instagram Live

Emtee and Big Zulu. Picture: Instagram

Emtee and Big Zulu. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 28, 2023


Emtee isn’t letting his dispute with Big Zulu rest easily.

The 30-year-old rapper has been taking digs at the “iMali Eningi” star for nearly a year now as retribution for his “150 Bars” diss track in which he took aim at Emtee.

Emtee’s latest dig came earlier in the week when he went on one of his notorious rambling rants during an Instagram Live stream.

After a viewer asked the “Roll Up” hitmaker if he’d consider collaborating with Big Zulu, Emtee said he wouldn’t because he views him as a “whack rapper”.

“Feature Big Zulu? In your mind. I am not going to feature a whack rapper on a song of mine,” he said.

“No, whack! I won't even beat around the bush about that sh*t. That n*gga whack. I've never seen no rapper as whack as that n***a. Flow? Whack. Wordplay? Whack. Musical taste? Whack. Beat selection? Whack.”

He went on to add that he felt Big Zulu uses other artists to make hit songs and doesn’t have the capacity to make them on his own without the assistance of other artists.

This latest diss comes after Emtee accused Big Zulu of wearing fake clothes last week.

It all started when a viewer claimed that his clothing was fake. “My drip is fake, are you crazy, n****a?” He fired back, before pausing for a few moments with a perplexed look on his face.

“This f*** n***** said I wear fake clothes. Yo my n**** don’t disrespect me like that. Me? Fake clothes? Nah, now you’re pushing it bro.

“Nah man, I get The North Face clothing from The North Face. What are you talking about? I got so many Jordans, ain t none of them fake. If you see me wearing fake clothes, kill me. How about that?”