Lady Zamar, Toss and Lucasraps deliver new music, much to the delight of fans

Lady Zamar album art cover. Picture: Supplied

Lady Zamar album art cover. Picture: Supplied

Published May 6, 2023


Mzansi artists are always working hard, cooking up bangers for their fans to enjoy and this May top artists have released new material.

Multi-talented South African musician, Lady Zamar has ‘follow-upped’ her successful 2022 release "All (I Want)", with a new single, "World's Gone Crazy".

"World's Gone Crazy" is a powerful track that speaks to the state of the world we live in today.

Lady Zamar's soulful voice and emotive lyrics highlight the chaos and uncertainty that surrounds us, while also offering a glimmer of hope through the power of love.

The cover art for the new single which was recently shared on Lady Zamar's social media platforms, features a striking image of the earth swamped in flames, highlighting the urgency and relevance of the song's message.

Words such as “You’r cancelled” and “We haven’t forgott10” are seen written on placards on the album cover.

These are words that have been said to Lady Zamar on social media following her sexual assault allegations levelled against fellow musician Jabulani “Sjava” Hadebe.

— Lady Zamar (@Lady_Zamar) May 4, 2023

Viral sensation turned award-winning artist Toss, has delivered on his promise to deliver a new EP for his fans with the release of “Thought It Was Over”.

The self-explanatory title of the new EP allows fans to dig deeper into the star’s growth since the release of his platinum-selling single, “Mlando”.

Lyrically on “Thought It Was Over”, the young star carefully narrates his state of mind and highlights the things that matter the most.

Consisting of four brand new singles, the EP’s backdrop and overall theme is inspired by the music Toss grew up listening.

“I grew up listening to music from artists such as Izinyoka, Brown Dash as well as Mandoza. Those guys made music that spoke to me and my surroundings. I could relate to their lyrics, and I guess that’s why nami I am always shirtless with a bucket hat, it's because of my music idols,” said Toss.

Nearly nine months since his last official release, hip hop artist Lucasraps is back with a brand-new single “uMuthi (Voodoo)”.

A well thought out theme enabling him to connect with his supporters on his personal journey that began shortly after the release of his debut album.

“uMuthi (Voodoo)” is the result of Lucasraps channelling a story never heard before or even spoken about. It echoes the trials, troubles and tribulations he went through in his spiritual journey, beliefs about himself and his peers in opposition to his enemies.

He said: “I believe that God has given me the gift of communicating clearly through music, spreading a message of hope & perseverance. In this song, I pray for everyone who is going through anything similar to what I have experienced.

“You will enjoy listening to it as much as I did after I made it, so I hope you will use it with all your heart.”

“uMuthi (Voodoo)” is one of Lucasraps’ songs on his upcoming full body of work jam-packed EP.