Toss continues to cement his place in South African music as he is named Apple Music’s Up Next Artist

Published Feb 24, 2023


New age pantsula and amapiano sensation Toss (real name Pholoso Masombuka) burst onto the Mzansi music scene with his viral hit song “Umlando” in January 2022, alongside 9umba and Mdoovar.

Since then, he has gone on to prove that he is not just another one-hit-wonder.

Hailing from the township of Tsakane, east of Johannesburg, Toss merges his deep, hip-hop-rooted timbre with captivating dance moves and has quickly established himself as one of the most exciting and promising new acts on the scene.

Toss has illustrated the power of social media of creating life-changing opportunities. The video of him shaking his hips spread like wildfire across the world, making “Umlando” one of the catchiest songs, earning the trio the SAMA for Viral Song of the Year.

His debut EP “Umlando” (2022), capitalised on his new-found success and reaffirmed his passion for storytelling at the core of his music.

The rising star, earlier this month, was revealed as the first brand ambassador for the liquor brand Billiato, a luxury liqueur brand owned by rapper Refiloe Phoolo, popularly known as Cassper Nyovest.

Apple Music has now named the artist as the recipient of its Up Next programme, a local version of its global emerging artist platform, which is now in its third year.

As the fresh face and gravely-toned voice of amapiano, Toss relished the opportunity to be featured in South Africa’s local Up Next programme, Apple Music's artist initiative geared towards shining a spotlight on upcoming talent.

“When I was told that I would be featured as the Up Next artist, I was speechless. It is wild. I am still amazed at how much a year could have changed my life and humbled by the support I have received from the likes of Apple Music,” he told Apple Music.

The past year has been crazy for him. Toss has become a superstar, to say the least. He admits that his family has helped keep him grounded throughout it all.

“How I kept myself authentic and grounded over the past year was just believing that this thing that I have, the fame and success, everything that happens in my life, is not for me. It’s bigger than me. It has to do with the next generation that is going to come after me.”

As the newest Up Next artist to be spotlighted in South Africa, Toss will be featured across Apple Music’s South African Up Next playlist.

This year, Toss plans to drop a second EP. He has already released two songs, “Ncebeleka” and “Tetema”, which are on the project.

He also has a “banger chilling” with Kabza De Small, Cassper and Young Stunna and another soulful track with the King of Piano.

“It’s a whole different vibe. It’s not the usual Toss that they know, with the dance challenges and everything. Right now, we want to come with music that’s going to touch hearts and probably live forever.

“Rather than just doing things just to have fun, and that’s it, we are just trying to come up with something that’s going to last forever, classic music, but still keep it authentic, still keep it Toss, still keep it kwaito, everything.

“Nothing changes. It’s just the sound, and the approach, the growth in the music. People will hear it. That’s what people are going to hear.

“That’s what I will be bringing this year, just the growth in music, they will hear the EP, and probably, they will be shocked because it’s not what people are used to me doing.