Jay Versace and Lasizwe. Picture: Instagram

Local YouTuber Lasizwe has again been accused of stealing content, and this time the plaintiff is former American Vine star, Jay Versace. 

This came after Lasizwe posted a video on Twitter and one of Jay's followers noticed similarities in Lasizwe's video and Jay's and alerted him to it, prompting Jay to then quote-tweeted the video saying: "boy you copy everything I do".


Lasizwe then replied by saying: "I don’t... but it’s flattering to know that you follow everything that I do".

Which is ironic since this is not the first time TV personality Khanyi Mbau's brother has been accused of stealing content: one of former model and actor Earl Hendricks' viral videos is also believed to have been copied by Lasizwe.

Jay then proceeded to drag Lasizwe responding to his comment with: "lmao I don’t know anything about you. ppl keep sending me your corresponding flop a** videos. you’re making money off other people’s sh*t and that’s f*cked up. dig in that big funky *ss head of yours and find some of your own sh*t to post. I’m no longer entertaining this goodbye".

But what really had South African tweeps cackling was Jay's follow-up tweet where he referred to South Africa as "overseas".