LOOK: J’Something, Samthing Soweto, Makhadzi attend Sho Majozi’s ‘African Union’ themed birthday bash

Sho Majozi (middle) with her guests at her 31st birthday bash. Picture: Instagram

Sho Majozi (middle) with her guests at her 31st birthday bash. Picture: Instagram

Published May 12, 2023


South African award-winning rapper Sho Madjozi gathered all her favourite people into one room to celebrate her special day recently.

The “John Cena” hitmaker turned 31 earlier this week and hosted a grand affair under the theme, “The African Union”, in which she celebrated different cultures from around the world.

Micasa frontman, J'Something, award-winning musician Langa Mavuso, multi-faceted artist Samthing Soweto and multi-award-winning musician Makhadzi were just a few of the celebrities who attended the star-studded affair.

A day before the party, on her actual birthday, Majozi took to Instagram to dedicate a profound birthday post to herself that acknowledged the “star” that she is.

Together with a photo-dump of various pictures of her parents, childhood, live concerts and her children’s book, she wrote: “I was trying to Google how stars are born and of course all the results were about astronomical stars and how they are born from collapsing clouds of gas and dust and a great many interactions of small and enormous particles fusing in ridiculous heat.

She added: “And if you think of the millions of tiny and large events that collided to make it so that I was born who I was, where I was, when I was, you can see that I had no choice but to become a star. Happy birthday to me.”

Fast-forward to her birthday bash the next day, she shared pictures of some of her guests who donned Batswana, Tsonga, Venda and Nigerian cultural outfits.

In a separate post, she wrote: “One thing about this life; you have to fashion it the way you want.”

Meanwhile, J’Something took to his Instagram page to share what an incredible time he had.

“What a privilege and a blessing it was to celebrate YOU Maya. You’re an incredible human being. Your heart is pure your mind is beautifully complex and your talent is limitless … many more chomie!

“One of the dopest parties I been too … loved connecting, dancing, learning, sharing and just VIBING!”

— Samthing Soweto (@samthingsoweto) May 9, 2023