Mbuso Khoza thanks 9-year-old daughter for saving his life during ‘major depressive episode’

Mbuso Khoza. Picture: Instagram

Mbuso Khoza. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 10, 2023


Legendary musician and heritage enthusiast Mbuso Khoza has paid a heart-warming tribute to his 9-year-old daughter for saving his life five years ago.

Khoza, who opened up about his 30-year battle with depression and anxiety last year, thanked his daughter for being his saving grace when depression drove him to the brink of suicide.

Taking to his Instagram account this week, the “Umkhokha” star shared a cute father-and-daughter photograph in which he is seen embracing his daughter.

He wrote: “Paying a tribute to my daughter Alinde who saved my life in 2018 when I had major depression episode.

“(I was) on my way to taking my own life, she kept calling, shouting, ‘baba I love you,’ until I gave everyone my location,” shared the Eshowe-born muso.

In his post, Khoza stated that he had taken the time to learn more about depression so that he could help others in similar situations.

“Today I can guarantee the world that depression is what I’m going teach about until I become a self-taught psychologist.

“I want to help people using my experiences and of others to find new means to cope with this. My daughter is turning 9 years next week Monday what an amazing Soul what a blessing 🌸👏.”

In August last year, Khoza “vowed to not attempt suicide again”.

He wrote: “After 2018, I vowed not to attempt suicide ever again… you put your loved ones through the most difficult time.

“Let’s up keep trying. We are here to breathe, not to judge or be judged.”

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In another post a month later, Khoza revealed that he had lived with poor mental health for over three decades.

“Some artists left me because they were told I might kill myself because of depression, however after more than 30 years of living with anxiety and depression made me feel the need of adding patience as a tool in my life in general.”

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