Nadia Jaftha: ‘If I’m setting a bad example to your children, block me’

Nadia Jaftha. Picture: Instagram

Nadia Jaftha. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 13, 2023


Award-winning content producer Nadia Jaftha took to Instagram to rant about comments made against her raunchy pictures.

Her rant follow after she posted a selfie of herself in a shower cap and thong in her bathroom.

While followers adored the images she posted along with other images of herself in a two-piece swimwear, some found her pictures to be offensive.

The 30-year-old Cape Town-based influencer said she received messages in her DMs about her level of “setting an example”.

Nadia followed up on the inbox messages by hitting back in a response video aimed at “the aunties and uncles“ who complained.

In the video she said: “ Mind you, I haven’t shown much in a while and some of you may know that when I’m feeling spicy, I don’t care. If I want to post a picture in my shower cap and my crop top and my thong, please allow me to do so, I’m not hurting anybody.”

She continued to tell followers who felt their children were being “exposed” to her pictures to take their children’s phones and block her from their accounts.

“Take their phone and block me from their socials, it’s not my duty to monitor what your kids are watching.

“I’ve realised that I can still be a good person and stand up for myself, I’m not going to be a push-over anymore.

“You guys should know that if you are gonna message me the whole time and tell me what I shouldn’t do, chances are that I’m gonna do it.”

She also claims to be in her “villain era”.

“Nadia is in her villain era, it’s that time of the year, I’m not saying I’m going to throw hol(bum) everywhere but if I feel like being a little spicy ... stay tuned.”

Followers wasted little time in commenting on her post.

miss_k24777 wrote: “Nadia while you are entitled to post what you want you forget the part where being an ‘influencer’ is aimed at the very age that you encourage aunts and uncles to block your account.

“As a public figure you do have a responsibility to ensure you don’t negatively influence or normalise soft porn with impressionable young adults … this is quite arrogant and entitled to behave this way. #

“If you have travelled globally as I have you would have realised that South Africans by nature are somewhat conservative people despite race, culture or religion … so bear that in mind going forward.“

chandrenicole wrote: “We here for the spicy pictures and all✋🏼 the aunties and uncles must go take their water pille and afternoon nap🙃.”

leilamathias_ wrote: “ So true. People should just mind their own business, honestly … imagine, they’re telling you what you should and shouldn’t post on your own Instagram account … people are on crack 😂.”

keamakwati wrote: “It’s honestly not your duty 😂😂😂.”