Penny Lebyane rubbishes claims she paid R80k towards DJ Fresh’s legal fees

Penny Lebyane. Picture: Instagram

Penny Lebyane. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 1, 2023


Radio and TV personality Penny Lebyane has refuted claims that she paid around R80k towards the legal fees of former lover Thato “DJ Fresh” Sikwane, for a case of defamation in 2020.

This comes after DJ Fresh revealed in the latest episode of “Podcast and Chill with MacG” that Lebyane and Ntsiki Mazwai had to pay just under R300 000 towards his legal fees.

“They lost in court ... Ntsiki finally paid up ... she paid my legal fees. Penny paid my legal fees, ” said DJ Fresh.

When asked how much the duo paid, the former Metro FM presenter confirmed that the Mazwai paid R200 000 and Lebyane about R80 000.

In a series of tweets, Lebyane responded to the claim, stating that she never paid “anyone anything”.

“Not a cent. I don’t have money to waste,” tweeted Lebyane.

“l was not a responded in case. I filed to ask the court why my trading name Penny Lebyane is in paragraph 15 of an affidavit, to which the response was it was a mistake but l must pay for asking. I refused.

— PennyLebyane💚PennyLebyaneDotAfrica (@PennyLebyane) January 31, 2023

“But that won’t be mentioned because it’s nothing to gloat about. I will stand in my truth as l always have.

“I just wish he would ‘Keep My Name Out Of His Mouth’ and stop policing my Lived Experience and centring himself. I have had so many DJ Boyfriends honestly l have. 🙏🏼.“

— PennyLebyane💚PennyLebyaneDotAfrica (@PennyLebyane) January 31, 2023

In another post, the “Moja Love” presenter added that she never labelled anyone a “rapist” .

“... but it’s a better version to make me look irresponsible cause it takes away my voice and credibility. Ultimately silences louder voices against injustice.”

— PennyLebyane💚PennyLebyaneDotAfrica (@PennyLebyane) January 31, 2023

“IOL News” reported in 2020 that DJ Fresh filed a suit against Mazwai following the poet’s social media posts that the DJ was an alleged rapist.

Mazwai’s posts came on the back of allegations made by Lebyane that she had been abused by a former lover, who Mazwai concluded had been DJ Fresh.

Asked if Mazwai and Lebyane had apologised after the case was thrown out, DJ Fresh said: “Feminazis will never apologise for anything.

“There's a line between doing the right thing and then there's recklessness for the sake either of clout, of likes, of being controversial. You don't do that. There's a saying fu** around and find out.”

In a statement released by his management in 2020, DJ Fresh said as a “man he can never presume to fully understand the physical and psychological impact of gender-based violence on women”.

However, as a son, husband and father, he feels strongly motivated to stand against GBV in every form.

“It is for this reason that I would never ever attempt – or desire – to silence those worthy activists who stand against all legitimate and substantiated cases of GBV.

“In fact, I endorse their actions fully. However, as Judge Spilg stated on Tuesday, 'Being an activist comes with great responsibility'.”

In 2020, DJ Fresh and his friend Themba, formerly known as Euphonik were accused of raping a Pretoria woman and three other women in 2011.