Shauwn Mkhize was angry with her mother for leaving her with ‘so much responsibility’

Shauwn Mkhize. Picture: Instagram

Shauwn Mkhize. Picture: Instagram

Published May 9, 2023


Reality star and entrepreneur Shauwn Mkhize recently launched her memoir, “Mamkhize: My World, My Rules”.

In an interview with eNCA’s Tumelo Mothotoane on “The South African Morning”, Mkhize spoke of how penning the book marked an important step in her healing.

During the interview, the “Kwa Mam’ Mkhize” reality star got emotional when she was asked why she wrote the book as a “letter to her parents”.

“I’ve blocked a lot about my dad in such a way that I’ve never talked about my father, it was like he never existed. I felt like he was gone too soon.

“As for my mom, that woman has always been my rock… but I’ve never dealt with the grief of her death.

“When she passed away I had to be the strongest one. People that came to the funeral will tell you that, to me, it was like nothing had happened.

“When I went to the mortuary to go and pick her up, I asked to go alone because my sister is so fragile, my younger brother is young, I will always treat him as a younger brother even though he is old and married…

“So when I went in there, that was the only time I found a moment to cry… I was angry, so I decided to block everything that has happened to me.”

She said her anger stemmed from the fact that she was left with so much responsibility after her mother’s death.

“I felt like she left me with so much of responsibility. You know, as a child when there’s a mother, you deal with everything, you send it to your mother, it’s the only person I was able to be myself with, and shed a tear, cry, become emotional.

“Sometimes we become so strong we forget that we are human, we need to cry sometimes.”

About starting out in business at age 22 and being listed on the credit bureau she said“ “It’s never been easy, from my childhood I wanted (to be in) the business world, but it has never been easy. I’ve fallen so many times, but I’ve never given up.”

With the Joburg book launch over, Mhkize has begun the countdown to the Durban launch.

On Instagram she wrote: “We’ve successfully launched in Joburg and now my city Durban is up next! ❤️❤️❤️. The countdown to my official Durban Book Launch begins today! 🥳🥳. Available at Exclusive Books nationwide✅📚💋.“

In another post, she wrote that she is overwhelmed by the kind words of support and love she’s received since the launch of the book.

“*My Book* 😊🥹🥰 It really warms my heart to see the love and kind words of support from people who are reading and have bought my book.💃🏽🥰🥳🙏🏽.

“I’m so glad that I started this journey and I hope you are left inspired, entertained or even educated as you turn through the pages of my life. 🎉❤️.”