Somizi. Picture: Instagram

Somizi is taking no prisoners as he calls on the Twitter to find the details of @Liaa_Nu, Lia Meyer, after the Twitter user tweeted "Isn’t @somizi like a homosexual k****etjie?”. 

The reality TV star wants to take legal action against the young woman, and is ready for her to go to jail. 

Since the social media storm Meyer has gone MIA but before her exit, she commented on Somizi's screenshot of the tweet on Instagram saying: “THIS IS MY ACCOUNT THAT WAS HACKED. I did not post this tweet and would never make such a remark. 


I take no responsibility for the view that was expressed in that tweet and sincerely apologise for the horrific message that was sent out. Please understand that it was not me. I have requested for the account to be deactivated and stopped from further hacking”.

Unfortunately, the Twitter CIA is already in investigation mode is busy getting more details about Meyer. 

Somizi also made it clear he's not letting this go in a reply to one of his fans saying: "I’m not letting this go. We gonna teach them a lesson one person at a time".

According to a report by Netwerk 24, Meyer is currently under sedation.