The Kiffness dragged for ‘Free Dom Day’ tweet

The Kiffness. Picture: Facebook

The Kiffness. Picture: Facebook

Published Apr 28, 2023


Local musician David Scott, aka The Kiffness, came under fire for sharing his thoughts about about Freedom Day on Twitter.

The singer, who uses his music as a form of activism, ruffled a few feathers when he posted: “Today we celebrate FREE DOM day: - The ANC are FREE to loot our country & we're too DOM to vote them out Happy FREE DOM day South Africa 🙏🏼❤️🇿🇦”

The “White Privilege” singer seems to have stirred up some emotions among South Africans, who shared their opinions in the comments section of his “Free Dom Day” tweet.

Below are some of the comments.

@dramadelinquent: “You and I and others like us have NO idea what apartheid was like. You have no right to belittle those who suffered and fought for freedom for basic human rights to live freely.

“And yes, we live in a country that is crime ridden and under terrible governing – that doesn’t mean you get to down play what today signifies for millions of people.”

@UncleMwitzz: “Still doesn't change the fact that your music is mid”.

@SifisoS84321618: “These are the reasons we always return ANC to power, I'm voting them again in 2024 because of this tweet.”

@Twiggli: “Don’t say we, you have always been free.”

@CrispianGallon: “But in the FREE DOM country you still sell your music. And by the way the same DOM people allows you to have freedom of speech.”

@ChepapeD: “But you have always been free. This holiday unfortunately has nothing to do with you”.

The singer is known for stirring up debates on social media by expressing his opinions on current affairs issues.