WATCH: Cassper Nyovest shares advice on sex, explains how his perspective recently changed

Cassper Nyovest got candid about his views on sex. Picture: Instagram/@casspernyovest

Cassper Nyovest got candid about his views on sex. Picture: Instagram/@casspernyovest

Published Nov 8, 2023


Cassper Nyovest took to Instagram on Wednesday morning to share his views on sexual relations with women and advised young men to not always be so eager to have sex with women they meet.

The ‘Tito Mboweni’ star shared a post in which he got candid about how he’s viewed sexual relationships in the past and how his views recently changed after an experience he had with a woman he’d recently engaged with.

“I wanna talk about sex,” he captioned the post.

“These are my thoughts!!! What do you think??” The video then opened with Nyovest explaining, “Good morning yall, I wanna talk about sex. I know that sounds funny, but there’s a message I’ve been wanting to share with my brothers who might be on the same journey as me.”

“This is my experience and what I’ve learned about our relationship with sex and our relationship with women that we meet.

“We lose out on a lot of beautiful experiences, a lot of beautiful friendships because we want to have sex with every attractive woman that we meet.”

He went on to add that men don’t know what they lose out on in the pursuit of sexual pleasure.

He then shared that he had thought he had been ghosted by a woman he’d recently met and with whom he wanted to pursue a sexual relationship with.

She reached out to him a short while later.

“I recently faced a challenge in my life and she reached out to me after looking at a certain status I put up and she’s been so helpful in me navigating through what I was going through.

“And I just thought about the fact that when I met this lady I really thought she’s so hot, I just want to get in her pants. But little did I know that God was sending me a vessel, an angel, someone to help me navigate through this thing.”

He concluded by reaffirming his learning that not every woman a man meets is meant to be a sexual partner.

“I don’t even wanna talk about spiritual ties and all that energy and stuff cause I’m not perfect and I’m also not an expert at anything.”