WATCH: Nomuzi Mabena joins ‘The Sobering Podcast’, speaks on career journey, Era By DJ Zinhle and plans for the future

Nomuzi Mabena. Picture: Instagram

Nomuzi Mabena. Picture: Instagram

Published May 5, 2023


On Wednesday, rapper and media personality Nomuzi “Moozlie” Mabena joined “The Sobering Podcast” to speak on her career journey, the projects she’s currently working on and plans for the future.

Mabena, who is currently the head of the creative department at jewellery and accessories brand Era by DJ Zinhle, started by speaking on her experience at the company.

“Every day is different, but I have a few roles and responsibilities from coming up with the campaigns, organising the shoots, product development, merchandising the stores, collaborations with influencers, putting together presentations for whatever it may be.

“Wherever the look and feel of the brand is needed, that’s kind of where I step in.”

Mabena, who recently creatively directed Drip’s collaboration with Fila, went on to share how she’d learnt a lot working in the retail and marketing space over the past few years.

“It’s been really different. It’s corporate, you know, you kind of have to leave the rapper at the door but also bring her in cause she’s coming with the dope ideas and the dope vibes. So it’s been interesting — there’s a lot of googling, I spend of lot of time googling things.”

Mabena also shared that she would like to make a return to music, but she’s been feeling disgruntled about the atmosphere in the local music scene after some high-profile deaths over the past year.

“Maybe I’m not ready to express myself just yet. But I try. Literally every single month I try (to) get back in studio and then life just be like, ‘Whoa my baby, just wait real life things are happening’.”

She also shared some stories about her decade in the industry, including her time as part of Cashtime, her relationships with her former music managers, drama with Shishiliza and Reason, her experience as a TV presenter and her plans for the future.

On the topic of Cashtime, which consisted of the likes of K.O, Kid X, Ma-E, Maggz and DJ Vigilante, Mabena spoke on how her manager at the time was extremely disrespectful towards her and she was eventually dropped from the label after she disputed that there were no contracts in place.

“The way it worked out people wouldn’t know, it looked like it was this moment of me taking on the world and being independent. Nah.”

Watch the full interview here.