WATCH: Robert Marawa gets candid about ‘attempts on his life’ with DJ Fresh

Robert Marawa. Picture: Instagram

Robert Marawa. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 2, 2023


Legendary sportscaster Robert Marawa took a trip down memory lane as he spoke to radio personality DJ Fresh about the start of his career, his various health scares, including an attempts on his life, and witnessing his father take his last breath in 2016.

Marawa joined DJ Fresh’s “WAW! What a Week“ podcast recently where the two got sucked into the riveting conversation.

Taking it from the start, Marawa shared how he forged his way into the industry without his parents’ knowledge.

He said that he was sent to university to study law, but his passion for presenting got the better of him and when he got a casting call, he immediately dropped the lecture.

A few days later, he was on SABC1 presenting one of the biggest sports shows at the time.

He said while his father didn’t like the fact that he stopped studying, he eventually warmed up to the idea.

Further on, Marawa spoke of how his father was diagnosed with stage four cancer and how grateful he was to be there on the night his father had died.

In a turn of events, Marawa revealed that there had been attempts to end his life.

“There has been attempts on my life, even at the times when people where saying I’m in hospital because of a third heart attack. I never had three heart attacks, never! But I ended up in ICU.”

He said the first two heart attacks were purely cardiac-related but the third one was “a direct threat” on his life.

“I think two heart attacks are scary, but that particular one made me feel like I was losing my life, even in a more serious light, I felt the presence of my life just being sucked away when I was there (in ICU).”

He also shared his experience having Covid-19.

“Death is something boss and seeing it, living it and extremely close to it and when the Covid one happened I asked myself ‘why am I back here?’ Like I know exactly how ICU works now. It was all too familiar...

“I don’t have a right to be on this earth. I have come so close, that I don’’t believe that me being here is a space I ought to be in. I don’t believe I should be here, but He (God) believes, and that’s the only person that really matters,” he said.

Watch the interview below.