WATCH: Sizwe Dhlomo unimpressed by MacG’s baby mama surprising him with strippers in studio

MacG. Picture: Instagram

MacG. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 10, 2022


“Podcast and Chill” hosts, guest and viewers where entertained for a few minutes by strippers in celebration of MacG’s 35th birthday.

The performance was planned by MacG’s wife and baby mama, Naledi.

During the latest episode, they were “pleasantly” interrupted by two strippers who left hosts MacG and Sol Phenduka with their tongues wagging. However, Sizwe Dhlomo, who was the podcast’s guest, preferred the cake over the entertainment.

The ladies showed up with cake for the birthday boy, who had forgot that it was his birthday. A few minutes later, after Phenduka hugged and caressed one of them, they took to the floor to twerk, twerk and twerk some more.

Phenduka, whose jaw had dropped, couldn’t get over the fact that MacG’s “woman” set up a surprise striptease show for him.

“Yo, your woman bro... wow bro ... she organised... heeey! Shout out to the ladies man,” said Phenduka, who was basically lost for words.

After the short striptease show, which Dhlomo was evidently not enjoying, he said he didn’t find the ladies attractive, so their dance “did nothing” for him.

That left serious doubts in MacG’s and Phenduka’s minds.

“Have you ever been to a strip club, bro?” asked MacG, to which Dhlomo responded, “Yeah, I don’t like strip clubs, that whole thing is pointless.

“With no disrespect to the ladies, but I don’t find those ladies attractive, right, so there is nothing attractive about that. So I’m just like ‘okay, cool’, but they doing their thing, that’s cool,” said Dhlomo.

Following on the conversation Dhlomo said to Phenduka: “Here’s the thing. You won’t understand this, but women have liked me since I was, like, a baby.

“I’ve never had a problem with women. So I don’t have a problem getting a woman’s attention. And luckily for me, if I like a woman, chances are I will be fine.”

The laughs continued before they got into some serious conversations about Kanye West, radio, the ANC, Glencore, Kabza De Small, “Black Panther”, Take Off and Davido.

Watch the full podcast here.

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