WATCH: Sonia Mbele shares sad story of baby daddy buying biltong instead of paying for son’s essentials

Actress Sonia Mbele. Picture: Instagram

Actress Sonia Mbele. Picture: Instagram

Published Dec 5, 2023


We’re always hearing nasty stories about deadbeat dads but rarely do celebs come out and share theirs.

During an interview on the King David Studio podcast, actress Sonia Mbele shared a story regarding an incident involving her baby daddy - the father of her firstborn son.

In the snippet of the interview shared by X user @ZamaNdosiCele18, the ‘Blood and Water’ actress expressed that she had to play the role of a mother and father to her son.

She didn’t mention the man’s name but did however say that she was with him for nine years, and went on to tell the story about what happened when she bumped into him at a grocery store in Mellville.

She shared that she was at the store to buy goods for her then nine-month-old son.

In the clip, she said that her basket was filled with all sorts of baby items.

She was in the line to pay for the goods when she heard him call her name and asked her what she was doing at the shop.

He then looked into her trolley and instead of telling the cashier that he would pay for the baby goods, he passed her and went to the cigarette counter.

He then returned holding a brown paper bag with biltong. She refused the biltong saying: “You can keep it.”

“My son was nine months old. He didn’t have teeth at the time,” she added.

The clip ended with her simply saying: “Black men!” as she takes a sip of water.

Of course, X users were quick to respond to the post with one user saying: “This is actually so sad and disappointing. Yho!”

@SthahMk responded: “When I catch you black man. I don’t even need to hear the dad’s side of the story. This happens for real its just that some women have guts to say it.”

“The low of lows that they go to will never not shock me,” commented @macolisss.