Trevor Noah. Picture: Instagram

'The Daily Show' host and South African born comedian, Trevor Noah recently sat down with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, to discuss his “End of Days” comedy, where he looks at the upside to the political climate in the USA and UK.

As Amanpour questioned the internationally acclaimed comedian about his stance in comedy, Noah was quick with his responses.

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On UK politics, Noah said, Brexit was, in many ways, the precursor to Trump.

“It was a movement that started. And now, we've learned how closely tied it was because of Cambridge Analytica and the likes. So, you really are dealing with a place that in many ways inspired a movement that you're seeing all over the world. So, I keep tabs on what Britain is going through, what the people are experiencing, what's happening in the UK” said Noah.

Speaking of USA president Donald Trump, Noah said Trump is a gift to every level of comedy.

“If you want to apply comedy or satire at the lowest level Donald Trump is ripe for that. You don't have to dig deeper. But if you do dig deeper, you will get more from him as well”, he said.

Watch the full interview here: