Yanga rubbishes Nota’s claims that AKA was betrayed by his close circle: ‘You were turned away from Kiernan’s home yesterday’

AKA and Yanga. Picture: Supplied

AKA and Yanga. Picture: Supplied

Published Feb 14, 2023


The internet has been rife with all sorts of conspiracy theories since rap star AKA was shot and killed on Friday night.

His brutal murder was caught on CCTV footage at a nearby restaurant, which has since been leaked to the public.

The video of his murder, which shows an unknown assailant cross the road and shoot the 35-year-old at point blank range, has sparked conspiracy theories online about who may have been involved.

Chief conspirator has been none other than the infamous social media troll, Nota Baloyi. He’s been ranting non-stop on his Instagram Stories over the past few days about how Yanga, Don Design, K.O and Siya Mdluli were allegedly involved in setting AKA up.

On Monday, rapper Yanga, a close friend of AKA’s over the years and collaborator on multiple songs, spoke out against all the conspiracy theories making the rounds on Twitter.

Yanga tweeted: “As far as I’m concerned anybody spreading conspiracies is PURPOSEFULLY deviating attention from the REAL killers and is essentially defeating the ends of justice by trying to muddy the FACTS. What’s done in the dark ALWAYS comes to light!!!!”

He then directed his attention to Nota: “You’re not gonna push some narrative that AKA was some kind of fool who was betrayed by his friends just so you can feel better about being an out and out hater while he was still breathing!

“You are the enemy Msunu!!! We don’t f*** with you!! Bozo!!! Neither did FORBES!!!

“We can’t f***** breathe out here. We can’t eat, sleep or think!!! And you wanna act like this is some f***** movie. You have no heart!! You will never be Kiernan!!! You will never be Kwesta!!! You will never be any of us b****!!”

— PopStarII (@ItsYangaChief) February 13, 2023

“You were turned away from Kiernan’s home yesterday!!! (Claiming you’re SABC). Next thing your accusing everyone of BS. You’re pathetic! Always have been and always will be!! F*** you Nota!! We don’t need you!!! Never did never will!! You’re a fraud!!”