Mzansi reacts to the new 'Mr Bones 3' trailer

Leon Schuster and Alfred 'Shorty' Ntombela in 'Mr Bones 3, Son of Bones'. Picture: Supplied

Leon Schuster and Alfred 'Shorty' Ntombela in 'Mr Bones 3, Son of Bones'. Picture: Supplied

Published Nov 30, 2021


A third instalment of “Mr Bones” is coming to Mzansi screens in the new year.

A trailer for “Mr Bones 3, Son of Bones”, has been released, raising excitement levels among “Mr Bones” lovers.

“Mr Bones” is one of local filmmaker Leon Schuster's classic films and was a box office killer during this time, and it's back to give Mzansi another round of laughs.

The first movie was released in 2001. The story was created by Schuster. He also co-wrote the film.

“Mr Bones” is one of Mzansi's highest-grossing films. The film raked in R33 million, with the sequel grossing R35 million.

Expectations are high for “Mr Bones 3, Son of Bones”, and considering the tough times that cinemas are facing, time will only tell if this film will be able to gross those lucrative millions.

“Mr Bones 3, Son of Bones”, takes viewers back to Kuvukiland, this time for Bones’ journey as a father.

Judging from the trailer, it is a bumpy journey filled with lots of laughter, as is the case with any Schuster production.

For the film, Schuster reprises his role of Mr Bones and is joined by his long-running co-star Alfred "Shorty" Ntombela.

The comedy duo have been bringing laughter to Mzansi households with their classic films that have become a part of South African history.

News of the third instalment of “Mr Bones” has received mixed reviews from the public.

It seems that while some are excited, others do feel that certain things need to come to an end.

“Winners know when to stop,” wrote @cnehshuga.

“I just want to know who asked for this cause is it sure as hell wasn't me or any n****s I know,” said @ngethehomie.

Schuster’s return to the box office comes a year after he came under fire for possible racial insensitivity with his previous films.

The public outcry saw local streaming platform Showmax removing six of Schuster's titles from the platform.

The public reactions to news of “Mr Bones 3, Son of Bones”, seems to be an indication that some South Africans have not moved past the incident.

“How Leon Schuster got away with all the racist undertones in exactly all of his films is beyond me!

I’m talking Blackface, condescension, impersonations, bastardizations of authentic African cultures for cheap laughs and expropriating black culture to name a few,” remarked @IamSoju91.

The reactions to “Mr Bones 3” show that not everyone finds Schuster’s films funny, and instead, the racial undertones of the films have become a talking point.

Is it comedy or something else?

“Mr Bones 3” will be on the Ster-Kinekor big screen from 15 April 2022.

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— Minister Of Violence (@Makufiwe) November 29, 2021

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