This undated image provided by Disney/Pixar shows a scene from the movie "Toy Story 4." (Disney/Pixar via AP)
"Toy Story 4" star Tony Hale admitted some of the ad lib lines he did as Forky were cut because they were too rude for the movie.

The 48-year-old actor voices Forky - a spork turned into a toy who has an existential crisis - in the animated blockbuster, and he admitted working on HBO comedy 'Veep' meant his improvisation took a turn from the family friendly feel when he started recording for the new Disney Pixar film.

Admitting a lot of lines had to be cut, he told Collider: "Forky is so overwhelmed, and I'm overwhelmed.

"A few choice words come out, so I'm sure in my ad lib I might've thrown some stuff out, just because I was used to that on 'Veep.' "

Hale also revealed he only got the script pages for his own scenes in the movie, but he insisted it helped him get into the mind of his character.

He explained: "It helped with Forky because he's such a blank slate, he knows nothing going on.

"So it's like, everything that was coming to me, I had to treat it like I know nothing, I don't know what they mean when they say Bo Peep, I don't know what a Bo is. It was fun to always have that childlike curiosity with it."

And the actor is excited to see how the finished project comes together when the team has told the story they want to tell.

He added: "The cool thing is, when you do a line they do it a lot of different ways, so i really don't know exactly how they're going to put the puzzle together until I see it."