SA stunt performers take part in 'Quarantine Fight Challenge'. Picture: Facebook Screenshot
SA stunt performers take part in 'Quarantine Fight Challenge'. Picture: Facebook Screenshot

WATCH: SA stunt performers take part in 'Quarantine Fight Challenge'

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Apr 28, 2020

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Local stunt performers took part in the "'Quarantine Fight Challenge' on Sunday in a video posted on Facebook. 

In the video stunt performers from across the country are seen in a TikTok like challenge where one stunt person does a move followed by another person continuing the sequence - with each performer showcasing a different skill in their respective parts of the video.

We see kicks, flips, spins, punches and many of the other things that stunt performers use in their jobs to give a realistic feeling to the many films they work in. 

This is similar to a video that the French school for stunt performers, Campus Univers Cascades, uploaded a couple of weeks ago. However, the South African version has sound effects and special effects. 

The video was edited by Stuart Williamson who is a working stuntman and has done stunt work in films such as "Bloodshot", "Black Sails" and "Chappie". 

The caption reads: "Some of the SA Stunt Performers doing the #quarantinefightchallenge.:) Thanks to Matt Esof for getting the ball rolling and to everyone that played a part in making it awesome. Hope everyone enjoys it."

The video clip has been viewed over 78 000 times, receiving over 1 000 reactions, over 300 comments and close to 4 000 shares. 

One commentator said: "Ooooooh God the guy grabbing a frying pan,the one using Okapi and the 01:25. Who broke his TV, the guy with an afro drinking tea with his mask on, not to mention the first one doing that Bruce Lee thing with a mop stick, and that lady whose wearing full black and glasses (liquid lady in Terminator) Wolverine my maaan - I see yeeeew 😜👆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love my country"

Watch the video below: 

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