AKA. Picture: Instagram
It's commonly known on Twitter streets that local rapper AKA is not one to mince his words, and on Wednesday the All Eyes On Me hitmaker challenged his "real" fans on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Supa Mega called out his 'fans' in a spicy post:  “I have 3.3 million followers, why don’t I sell at least a million??? .... let me tell you why .... coz like, 500k of you are like ACTUAL fans, the rest of y’all full of dog sh**, walking round like I owe you something”.

The rapper who recently released his third and "final" album, "Touch My Blood" continued to challenge his fans on social media, urging them to buy his album.

As if that was not enough Supa Mega insisted that the that those who bought "Touch My Blood" share their images with the copy of the album as proof.

"Matter fact, it’s time to post yourself with your copy so we know who’s real and who’s fufu!!! #TouchMyBloodNOW IS THE HASHTAG!!"

In a series of tweets, the rapper continued interacting with his followers, insisting that people you didn't buy his album shouldn't call themselves fans.

"... if you have not bought #TouchMyBlood you are not a fan. iTunes, Spotify, streamed it, Musica ... anything! But Nothing?!?! Not a single cent spent on this person you claim you love so much?!?! NAH FAM!!!

The Megacy heeded to the call, while some flocked to the music stores others took the digital route.

It seems AKA's PR stunt worked: "Technically, I’m quadruple triple double PLATINUM ... “It can only get better!”

The album went g old in the first week of its release in June.