Amapiano pioneer Kabza De Small set to switch things up with new album

Kabza De Small. Picture: Instagram

Kabza De Small. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 15, 2022


It's rather appropriate that Kabza De Small, widely regarded as the best amapiano producer on the planet, is releasing his upcoming album “KOA II” (King of Amapiano) on Youth Day.

Not only has the sound he's pioneered deeply resonant with the youth, but the sound he seems to be transitioning into, symbolises growth and a coming of age.

If the singles released a few weeks ago are anything to go by, Kabza is on his grown folk energy now. Two days ahead of its release, we look at three things to expect from his new album.

Meaningful, heartfelt messaging

When Kabza served us a scooby snack by surprising us with a couple of new singles two weeks ago, the immediate standout was “Khusela”, featuring the incomparable Msaki.

Soft, mellow and deeply poignant, the single sets the tone for the surprisingly contemplative lyrical content of the majority of the album's six songs that have been released so far.

Soulful production

If there's one thing about Kabza, his production typically bangs much harder than other producers. His logdrum is definitely not the normal one.

But on this album, Kabza seems to have opted for a more reserved brand of “private school amapiano”, as some would call it.

I'd say we can expect a more soulful and refined sound than before, which is likely to divide opinions.

Less production features

Kabza will be manning the fort on his own here. Of that, I'm almost sure. If anything, there'll be one or two featured producers on here – perhaps some assistance from a DJ Maphorisa or a Tyler ICU.

This approach would be a considerable shift from what amapiano has become known for over the years, which is constant collaboration among its producers.

But Kabza can do it all, and judging by his recent releases, he's going to be showing off his boundless production range throughout.