REACHING OUT: Former Idols SA finalist Thami Shobede recently released his debut album for fans, Never Lost, and says there is another on the way.
Former 'Idols SA' finalist Thami Shobede released his debut album, 'Never Lost', this year and is riding the wave of success.

The star, a runner-up in last year’s edition of Idols SA, is working hard to ensure the album is a success. With a hit single that went to number one on iTunes the day it was released, his efforts seems to be paying off.

Although he recorded the music 'Never Lost' in May, he started writing the songs in 2015.

“In 2015 when I was eliminated from Idols I began putting songs together, just writing them.

“So when I decided I wanted to put an album together, I already knew what sound I wanted and what would be on the album. It was just a matter of me writing a few more tracks and then getting into the studio,” Shobede said.

It took only two weeks to record the album.

“It all happened very quickly and, to be honest, it was very overwhelming simply because I get so involved in my work that I shut off and focused on nothing else. It’s as if I am not in touch with reality. I did enjoy being in studio, though, and working with Robin Kohl.”

Shobede said it took him just two weeks because he knew what he wanted.

“When it came to the sound of the album, I knew I wanted it to sound African.

“Even Sthandwa, the first single, is an Afrosoul song, and when it hit number one on iTunes, that confirmed what my sound should be. So it’s Afrosoul and pop.”

He also said it was a love album: “I have never felt as loved as I feel right now and this album is me returning the love to all the people who have shown me love. Musicians write about their experiences and I had to write about this,” he said.

He added that he named the album 'Never Lost' as a message to the fans he gained during Idols.

“When I did not win, many of my fans were really upset, they felt robbed. I felt very bad about that because I know that everything was done correctly with the voting process.

“So I decided that the album would signify that I was happy with the outcome and that even though I didn’t win, I still feel that I won a lot. I never lost, I got exactly what I deserved and I feel that I walked away a winner and wanted my fans to know that,” said Shobede.

He also plans to release the video for 'Night & Day' later this month, and said fans can expect the video to be as fun as the song is.

“There isn’t a lot going on in the video, I didn’t want it to be too busy. It’s an intimate video but fun, it’s about young love.”

Although this young star is now focusing on Never Lost, he has already started working on his next album, which will be titled Joys of a Broken Man.

“I am not putting any pressure on myself to deliver another album immediately, because I am focusing on promoting Never Lost, but I am writing new music.

“My second album is going to be very different to my debut one. It’s going to be a reflection of my life, the struggles and hardships I have been through. People will get insight into my journey so far,” he said.

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