Jabu Hlongwane: Picture: Supplied

Man of God Jabu Hlongwane hosted an intimate and formal launch at the Potato Shed, a revamped warehouse in Newtown, of his third album, Crosspower Experience 3, which features his brother on the song What Is This and his daughter on the track No Grey.

Hlongwane said the release of a third album in the Crosspower Experience was purely due to the positive outcome and support of his fans for his previous albums, as well as the amount of songs that he had written. 

He added that he felt deserved to be heard by those who loved gospel music.

What is special about the third album is how Hlongwane modernises his sound, so that his album reaches not only the ears of traditional gospel listeners, but also the those of modern gospel fans who appreciate their religion without conforming to the traditional manner of worship.

Hlongwane made note of how he worked hard to make sure that his latest album catered to everyone who listened to his music, which would explain the appearance of his daughter, Kuda Hlongwane, and his brother, Bongi Hlongwane.

Jabu Hlngwane. Picture:Supplied

Kuda, on No Grey, conveys a well-known message: “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

So, when you listen to the album, you are exposed to four concepts: motivation; Jabu Hlongwane; worship and modernity. Its name relates to what Hlongwane sees as the power of prayer and worship to God, but it also has ties to his Cross Power ministries, which have been in existence for two years.

The new album gives listeners a look at the journey of worship and praise through Hlongwane’s voice, where themes such as rejection, patience, peace and enlightenment are heard.

Hlongwane’s first single from the album, Wambethelwa, was an instant hit with the South African gospel listeners, but other tracks, including No Grey, are also worth listening to, as they can be heard as a worship or soulful song.

What is interesting about Crosspower Experience 3 is Hlongwane’s fluidity, and progression in a new age of music. He has compiled an album that fulfils the purpose of his intentions; it’s not just for gospel listeners, but also for families who love soul music and worship.

It presents his message to the ears of those who enjoy his music and find relevance in his songs.

* Crosspower Experience 3 is available on digital platforms and is available at music stores nationwide.