Jay Jody proves his mettle as a solo act

Jay Jody. Picture: Supplied

Jay Jody. Picture: Supplied

Published Oct 24, 2022


Local rapper Jay Jody has released his debut project, “Sunset Stories: A Mixtape”.

The artist is known for being the other half of hip hop duo B3nchMarQ and for his part in the collaborative project Blue Tape with brother A-Reece. He is now stepping out as a solo artist.

His new project features a host of notable artists, from A-Reece, Una Rams, Blxckie, Marcus Harvey and more, placing Jody’s effortless talent in the spotlight.

“I’ve realised we’re all part of a big story and each one has their version with different experiences. I share some of my experiences. I share my views. I share my ideas, I share my stories,” said Jody.

He decided to release a solo project as this is something his listeners have been requesting. The seasoned rapper, in January, announced that he would be dropping his album this year and he has stuck to his word.

“After the B3nchMarQ sophomore album, I decided to go for it.”

Having never been a solo act, carving his own lane has been interesting as he has had to “unlearn things and learn new things”.

The mixtape has been well received. It has been streamed numerous times, with many sharing their reviews online.

@ferlonarco wrote: “Jay Jody bafwethu😮‍💨 I’m content with this next chapter of SA hip hop.”

@NdineWachibwana said: “This mixtape finna age like fine wine😤👍🏾 @OriginalJayJody mastered his art perfectly…crafted like no other.”

@VuyoVuko said: “Why does Sunset Stories: Mixtape get better with every listen? 😭🙆🏽‍♂️I swear I can’t get enough of it. @OriginalJayJody is a 🐐 dawg… 🔥📌🌴”

Being the brother to one of the most popular hip hop artists in the country, A-Reece, at times has people thinking that’s all Jody is. The artist shares that he sets himself apart by being himself, and if a person listens to his music, they’ll hear it.

The first tracks that were recorded for the mixtape were “Don’t Beg For Love”, “Sundress” and “Purple Palm Trees”, which led the direction for the rest of the mixtape.

“Purple Palm Trees” was the first single to be released from the project and featured on several playlists and received major support from the South African hip hop community.

“I’ve spent so much time with A-Reece and Marcus Harvey in the studio. This made the making of ‘Purple Palm Trees’ very simple.

“The vibes were already there, and the beat had us all on the same frequency. One of the simplest songs to be made was ‘Sunset Stories’ actually. Just a simple case of when the mood is right, and all artists are on the same wavelength,” said Jody.

He shared that he is always inspired to make music and is always in the studio either listening to instrumentals or just jamming and humming or rapping to beats he could possibly use in the future.

“When I do that, I voice-record myself on my phone so I don’t forget the ideas I have for the beats at that moment. There’s times I get in the studio and not record anything. But when I come back in, I always have something,” he explained.

The artist said he doesn’t want to say he has a particular sound as that feels like he is boxing himself.

“I’m influenced by great music. Not a specific genre. But R&B and jazz were the staple in my earlier years because that’s what my father used to play loud on a daily basis. Until he introduced me to Tupac’s music in 1997, that was the first time I ever heard a rap song fully. I was seven years old at that time.”

Jody released his debut mixtape, “Sunset Stories”, under the newly established Revenge Club Records. The label was founded by Jody, his brother A-Reece and Tkay 10Staxx.

“Revenge Club Records is more than just a label, it is a free-spirited ideology and approach to hip hop with one ear to the streets and an eye to the global hip hop community that many have tried to quantify and understand but few truly can,” read a press release.

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