Khanyisa Jaceni’s new EP ‘Halfway’ is a testament to never giving up

From social media sensation to musician, Khanyisa Jaceni releases her second EP, ‘Halfway’. Picture: Instagram

From social media sensation to musician, Khanyisa Jaceni releases her second EP, ‘Halfway’. Picture: Instagram

Published Oct 23, 2022


Khanyisa Jaceni, popularly known as just Khanyisa, is one of Mzansi's stars who rose to stardom during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Her content creation on TikTok blossomed into the public domain, making her a name worth knowing. Adding a touch of church to her song covers made her a viral sensation.

Jaceni has gone from being a content creator to a musician and her first single “Bheka mina ngedawa” announced her arrival into the music scene.

In 2021, she dropped her first EP “Soft”, which featured artists such as Lady Du, Marcus MC and Tsiki XII.

In a previous interview with IOL Entertainment, she said: "Soft" was a softer, more feminine, sexy, soulful side of amapiano.

“That's how we're choosing to express ourselves and how I'm choosing to express myself. One thing I've always wanted to do is sing on my amapiano song, so that's exactly what I'm doing, and I'm loving every minute of it."

Jaceni has now released her sophomore EP titled “Halfway”.

She said the name was extremely significant as it kept her from “giving up“.

“The title of the EP is called ‘Halfway’ because I was halfway to giving up. It’s just a reminder to keep going.

“It’s like when you are in a marathon and you look back, you halfway through and you want to give up, but then you look and think of how hard you have worked already. So this is basically what had happened to me,” said the star.

She explained that she chose to release an EP because she felt she wasn't ready for an album and also wanted to put out another body of work.

“An EP was a better option than an album. I am still in the works with my album until it’s the quality that I want, I will keep putting work in.”

While there were challenges on the journey of making her EP, Jaceni says they were not big enough for her not to overcome them.

“My life is too short for me to be focused on the negatives. It's easier for me to move on and look forward and look ahead at the positives rather than moping about the negatives,” she added.

“The best part about making an EP is definitely working with such great artists and hearing everything come back, once it's been mastered and mixed and listening to yourself, reliving how you felt at that moment in time”.

Social media has allowed for careers to blossom quicker than before. If you are fortunate enough, fame does find you faster than you expect. Jaceni is a classic example of this, but this star isn’t letting the fame go to her head.

“I feel like because I started out as a child who grew up in a very humble home, being famous and the fame for me is something I turn on and off,” she added.

“There are situations that don't need your fame. It’s there (fame) it's a thing but it doesn't define me because way before my fame.”

Jaceni emphasises that she remembers that she is the person she is because of the people that support her.

Her career has afforded her the opportunity to work with some pretty big names in the industry. Working with individuals such as Lady Du, Sir Trill, Pabi Cooper and Kabza de Small is something Jaceni credits as her highlight.

“So many of these big names I’ve gone into the studio with and worked with them. Each of them was a highlight because you get such a different experience and working process with each and everyone one of them.”

Jaceni is still young, with the potential to do much more within the industry. She is not blind to this and wants to explore more avenues within the entertainment sector.

She explained: “There are so many business ideas I have, especially in the entertainment industry and there are so many things that are open.

“I can't share them right now but I see a lot of gaps and places I can actually fill with the knowledge and what I have in mind. I'm a creative being!”

At the inaugural Basadi in Music Awards, Jaceni also walked away with Social Media Influencer of the Year.

Her EP has been doing well since its release, even appearing at number 17 on the Apple Music charts. She was also the cover of Spotify's Amapiano Grooves recently.

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