Lady X. Pictures: Supplied

Following the success of her single, ‘Igugu Lami', released last year, soul songstress Lady X is back with a smooth love song, titled 'Isinqumo Sami'. The song tells the story of a person’s decision (in this case, Lady X) to love their partner wholeheartedly and to be committed to their relationship. 

“Isinqumo Sami is basically about my decision to love, to be loyal and committed to my relationship with my partner. It’s that beautiful feeling you get when you make the choice to love and be happy with the person who makes your heart full,” the songstress explained.

Lady X recently released a new single, 'Isinqumo Sam'. Picture: Supplied. 

Although the video for her new single has not been released, Lady X said: “I want to release the video in May, because the momentum will be still be high from the release of the single, so I want the video to complement the single with the theme of love and making the decision to love your partner.”


Her success with her 2017 single, Igugu Lami, can be seen as phenomenal, following the singer’s own decision to become an independent artist, after her separation from her former record label.

She is set to release her debut album later this year and, judging by her two most recent singles, it is easy to tell what the main theme of her album will be. 

“The album is going to be about the complex reality of being in love, and choosing to love your partner with everything in your body,” she says – but that’s not all. 

“The album will also serve as a dedication to my mother and all of the mothers of the African continent. Women who give everything to mould us into the human beings that we are”.

The beautiful and yet so talented, Lady X. Picture: Supplied. 

Her next upcoming single, Ndiyabulela Mama, which will be released later on in the year, serves as a song of gratitude to Lady X’s mother, as well as the mothers of South Africa’s communities. 

“To release Ndiyabulela Mama and my debut album in the month of August is special to me, because it is women’s month, and I wanted to extend my own form of gratitude to my mother and the women of South Africa”.

Lady X, set to release her debut album later this year, dedicated to the mothers of Africa.