Langa Mavuso speaks about his latest self titled album

By Entertainment Writer Time of article published Oct 3, 2020

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Langa Mavuso has just released his latest album titled “Langa”.

We caught up with the R&B star.

First off, how have you been during these crazy pandemic times?

We’ve had some crazy and uncertain times but as they say on twitter “we move”. In the beginning of the lockdown like most people I was stressed and afraid but as time went by I began to find my rhythm and focus again.

This time of Covid-19 has been tough but also fruitful; it allowed me to give the music all my attention and to find new ways of working and sharing new music. It’s been a movie.

Tell us about Langa, when did you start working on this album and what was the creative process like?

This album is about reflections after love.

The album is inspired by heartbreak.

I took a moment to look in the mirror and reflect on myself through the journey of heartbreak.

In it you’ll see three different phases of this journey play out in the record with every four songs; in the beginning, we reflect on the pain and upset when losing love.

This part of the album is filled with ballads that express the initial acceptance of a relationship ending.

In the second part we step into a more tumultuous part of the heartbreak; inspired by the sounds of nightclubs and a lifestyle that can be described as a distraction, most of the music here explores a new version of me, a cooler and sexier man.

Looking for love in all the wrong places in the attempt to avoid dealing with the pain but this charade all ends with a song called Pretend which shifts my perspective shifts back to internal work and spiritual alignment.

In the final part, I begin with a prayer for salvation, we reflect on our part in the world and finally accept that love lost. The process was organic and it was solely about learning and growing from the pain.

How would you describe the lyrical content of this album?

Deeply personal and honest. It’s about real-life experiences.

How did the collaborations on this album come about?

I only worked with friends and colleagues with whom I felt safest to be honest and vulnerable.

How different is this album to your previous offerings?

This project expresses the experiences of a more grown version of me and you can hear it in the music. It resolves most of the subjects and pains in my previous work.

Why name it Langa?

Langa is my father's surname and so it embodies all that I am. I chose this as the title because the album reflects on my journey and experiences; it’s a true reflection of me.

What do you hope people take away from this body of work?

To love fearlessly, live in truth and always seek healing and growth from pain or trauma.

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