#MalumzOnDecks. Picture: Supplied

DJ duo #MalumzOnDecks are gearing up to release their second and last album titled 'Find Your Way'. The duo, responsible for hits such as Shay’iNumber, say they are resorting back to releasing singles yearly, like before, accompanied by the DJ’ing work they already do, to maximise on what they do best. 

The duo entered the industry fours years ago, releasing their first compilation titled 'The Journey' in 2017. 

“It is 60% complete and I can proudly say it involves very interesting collaborations that people will enjoy. It is going to be different from our first album because we don’t want to be predictable with our work, but we are also trying to show people that we are diverse with our sound. It keeps them wanting more,” says the other part of the pair, Oscar Nyathi.

“The album will have more dance songs but still keeps our Afro of South African indigenous vocals, which keeps to our brand.”

The 10 track album, which the duo started working on last year April is due a year later, end of April this year, and promise to make this last compilation a collector’s item. 

“We have decided to make this our last because a lot goes into making an album, it takes so much time, it is costly and truth is, people don’t buy CD’s anymore. But this doesn’t mean we are leaving the industry, it just means we are focusing our energies where we know our strengths lie”. 

Their last album bow is also aimed at inspiring their followers to find their own way, carve their own path instead of being sheeps of society. 

“People should create their own, just like we did. It isn’t fun nor comfortable but it is worth it,” adds Oscar. 

In their four years hustling the industry, Oscar says a year and half of it was dedicated to learning from their experiences but now they know better and therefore do better.

Their recent single 'Inhliziyo featuring singer Toshi is one of their passion songs, saying they waited patiently since last year July to work with soul singer because they wanted no one else. 

“We had already planned last year for the release of this track this year. And wanting to work with a well-known brand like Toshi, we knew she would be extremely busy but we persisted, wanting her on the track. When she agreed, it only took us a week and the song was done. Since its release, it has done really well. 

“We are a team that works in advance, planning everything and I think that is why we have reached the heights that we have right now. And that is something people can take from us, apart from the music, never give up and work in advance. All things will fall into place,” adds Oscar.