Mmatema Moremi. Picture: Instagram

The journey after Idols has been one productive ride for Mmatema Moremi. The 2015 Idols runner-up has made many moves, with her ultimately releasing her debut gospel album, titled Love, Praise and Worship.

The album was released under her own record company, Mmatema Moremi Media Production (MMMP), and this, she said, is her greatest career achievement thus far. With all the hard work put into her brand, Mmatema believes she can finally call herself an artist.

“And the best part is that I am finally an artist under my own record label. That is one thing I’ve always wanted to do, finally make my mark and say I am here,” she said.

Looking back to that specific point where she became a household name when she was on Idols, she said all had been planned, starting with how to become popular and be recognised as an artist.

“It was always the plan for people to hear my voice and recognise that I am on this Earth and that I do exist,” said the 26-year-old.

“Idols was also a platform to get people to fall in love with the gift so (that) they are able to work with me. I knew that the competition would potentially be that quick channel for me, but through all that I knew that I would never lose my gospel,” she said.

Her 16-track album is all about celebrating God, she explained. “For everything He has done for me and through me for others. The 16 tracks are about love, spreading love, celebrating love and celebrating others. It is 16 tracks of worship and just having a connection with God.”

From the beginning, the songstress has followed her purpose, to pursue the divine calling and allow those who were meant to travel this road with her to join in the ride.

The defining moment for her came when she turned down a huge record label deal to start her own media house, saying it was not a simple decision. But looking at all that she has done to date, putting on shows and recording her music, she is confident that she made the right choice.

“First of all, I prayed about it because I had to be sure of what I was doing. Turning down a deal from Universal is a big deal. But with the surety that God has my back and knowing I had the support of people like DJ Cleo, who introduced me to more people who took me through the journey, I knew that things would happen at the time they were meant to and all would make sense to people.

“I don’t advise people to take such a leap until they are ready. I really had to be prepared, especially emotionally. I had to be ready to fire and hire, I had to be ready to be broke and (to) make money. So one has to be ready," she said.

Mmatema recently landed a presenting gig, but she said it is too soon to speak about it.

“I can’t say much about the show, but I can tell you that a lot of great things in my life happen for me in July. People must just look out for this face,” she said, hinting that the show would be aired in July. She also hinted that it would be a gospel show with a twist.

She wants to do a lot more with acting, her own shows, get into radio and make more music.

“People must just look out for more from me.

“Go get the album - it is fire. It is filled with music that really speaks to my heart. Also, I thank those who still see me as worthy of their time,” she said.