Nadia Nakai launches her own label, Bragga Records

Nadia Nakai. Picture: Instagram

Nadia Nakai. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 16, 2021


Local rapper Nadia Nakai has announced that she has finally launched her own record label, Bragga Records.

Being a hip hop star as a woman in South Africa is often no walk in the park, however, Nadia has been able to make strides in the industry and make herself a worthy competitor for her male counterparts.

This year, Nadia has been mentioning that she is ready to step into some seriously big shoes by becoming a boss with the start of her own record label.

The “Naa Meaan” hitmaker’s launch of her label has added another feather to her cap.

“Bragga Records is finally a reality and operating, and nothing makes things official like a social media announcement.

“I’m so excited about the next chapter of my life! Here’s to officially starting my own record label Bragga Records,” wrote Nadia in her Instagram post.

For several years, the rapper was on the roster of Cassper Nyovest’s record label, Family Tree, but announced during an interview on “SlikourOnLife“ that she had left the label.

Nadia’s departure from her former label was a bittersweet moment for both parties. After all, Cassper has been an instrumental figure in Nadia’s career, so her leaving was quite the painful breakup.

“I am not with The Tree anymore. I am working on my own record label. It was very tricky because when I had the conversation with Cassper, I was so scared to talk to him.

“I could feel he was sad, and I think he hung up on me, to be honest, but later messaged me,” shared Nadia during the interview.

Despite their “break-up”, Nadia and Cassper are reportedly in a good place in their relationship, he even gave her some advice on a name for her record label and what direction to take with the label.

“He was like … ‘okay, what do you need me to do? I think this is what you should do’. He gave me some record label name ideas and I was like nooo, we went back and forth.

“He advised me that I should sign my record label and not me individually, which was good advice cause I initially was going to go direct like that,” Nadia revealed.

In her announcement, Nadia did not forget those who paved the way for her, as she mentioned Cassper in her post, showing that this star never forgets.

“I wouldn’t be able to do this without @casspernyovest and @familytreeworld, thank you for all that you invested in me over the years!” added Nadia.

Nadia deserves her flowers for taking the leap of faith and entering uncharted waters and becoming a record label boss, which is no child’s play – Cassper can attest to that.

Bragga is currently signed to Def Jam Africa Recordings Africa, but it seems fans can expect her to release new music under her label.

It is becoming increasingly trendy for artists who leave record labels, especially if there is controversy, to later start their own record labels.

Artists’ unfortunate experiences seem to provide a template of how to run a successful record label.

Local award-winning rapper Emtee’s departure from Ambitiouz Entertainment was the talk of the town. The rapper left the label in 2019 and his departure was quite the headline grabber.

Emtee has moved on from all the Ambitiouz drama and is now creating his path as a record label boss. His label Emtee Records recently officially signed his first artist, Lolli Native.

It was previously assumed that Flash iKumkani, who was working with Emtee, had signed to the label, however, this has been revealed to not be the case.

Both Emtee and Flash iKumkani confirmed that they had gone their separate ways, with Emtee revealing the artist never inked a deal with his label.

Another hip-hop artist who has added the title record label boss to their name is Big Hash, with the launch of label Devo Entity.

The move by Big Hash was quite the surprise as he had just exposed his former record label, Innanetwav, for allegedly siphoning money off him. One would have expected him to let things simmer and focus on his career.

Local rapper Moozlie, after her departure from Cashtime Life, launched her own record label, Nomuzi Mabena Music. She has yet to sign any artist but she has released her own music under the label.

Another Ambitiouz Entertainment artist who became a record label is Fifi Cooper. She launched MoCooper Records in 2017 after her exit from her former label.

The artists-turned-record label bosses may have a template, but as history has shown, running a record label can be tricky.

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