Prince Kaybee. Picture: Twitter
Prince Kaybee. Picture: Twitter

Prince Kaybee urges fans to help him report fake account

By Kedibone Modise Time of article published Aug 20, 2021

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Producer and musician Prince Kaybee has uncovered a Twitter account of someone pretending to be him.

And now he’s appealing to his fans to help him report the bogus account.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, the “Uwrongo” hit-maker pleaded with his followers to help take down the fake account.

He wrote: “Please help me report this account...!!!💔💔.”

The fake account which was seemingly opened in 2010 with just over 7 800 followers, got tongues wagging this week when they made a controversial statement concerning Sjava and Lady Zamar’s abuse allegations.

“Which domestic violence did Sjava commit.

“There are women who have been proven to have lied. Including Lady Zamar.

“Sjava is trending here for an allegation that didn’t carry.

“What about Kelly Khumalo. Why isn’t she on the list based on an allegation,” wrote the impersonator.

While many came guns blazing, ready to attack Prince Kaybee, tweeps quickly realised that it was not him making the comments.

Fans encouraged the star to get his account verified to avoid people impersonating him.

The fake account is exacerbating tensions between two arch-rivals with some of the remarks on Twitter.

Below are some of the tweets, that will leave you in stitches.

Meanwhile, Prince Kaybee poked fun at Cassper’s latest invention, the popular sneaker brand, Roof Of Fame 990.

In his tweet, Prince Kaybee low key ridiculed Cassper, stating that his fellow muso doesn’t have enough cash to design the sneakers from scratch hence he opted for the Chinese brand instead.

He was responding to a statement made by Twitter user @MrHandsome, who accused Cassper of lacking originality in his sneakers brand, a collaboration with local brand Drip Footwear.

“Cassper is killing that Drip brand. He hijacked a well-established brand and made it about him, while his sneaker quality is an insult to the consumer. We must stop sugar courting, black business must sell quality and not blackmail us with ’black-owned’ term.”

To which Prince Kaybe responded: “Just want to defend Sasko Sam here for once.

“Starting and designing your own shoe from scratch is expensive.

“He doesn’t have the money to do that so best bet is get a Chinese existing design, put a tree and sell to Dome Fill Ups, commercial business principal.”

When asked why he’s obsessed with Cassper, Prince Kaybee said: “Wait, how?? Sasko Sam is on an interview run as we speak saying the same joke of how I’ve never sold a thousand tickets, like he wakes up and goes to interviews and speaks about me, I’ve seen two interviews already, when I respond its obsession, how?”

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