Ringo Madlingozi. Picture: Supplied

Musician Ringo Madlingozi has openly been campaigning for the EFF since the beginning of the elections period. 

Speaking to Daily Sun, Madlingozi said he would be going into parliament to fight for the rights of musicians. 

“I’m going there to fight for all musicians and the arts. Music and art challenges are all the same,” he said.

He said he will be representing artists in parliament as an EFF MP but he will never quit music.

“My fans will still see me performing at gigs. Even if other political parties book me I will still go there to perform,” he said.

Ringo, who began his music career in 1997, said he was raised in an ANC home.

“While I was growing up, I decided to fight against the challenges people were facing.

“I did that using my music but later I decided to join the EFF to fight politically.”

“I noticed the ANC was not doing enough and I decided the EFF was the perfect party to fight for artists’ rights.”

Ringo was an active ANC member for 12 years. He said he decided to move to the EFF because of their stand on free education and taking back the land without compensation.

“Those who know me know I care about people on the ground.

“My music represents the struggles of black people,” he said.