Moonchild Sanelly. Picture: Instagram

Nothing shocks Mzansi anymore when it comes to singer Moonchild Sanelly. 

True to her unconventional style and risqué dance moves, the singer on Monday, posted a steamy video of herself twerking on the bed.

Dressed in gold lace lingerie, Moonchild challenging her followers to twerk and follow her in footsteps and wrote: “Twerk on ur bed! Let’s go boobeams! This is my everyday!!! Twerk twerk twerk twerk
Had to post an example of what should be done! Let’s own our bodies and celebrate them by damn ourselves!!!!”

The challenge, however received mixed reactions on Twitter, with women declining to take part in the challenge, while some men seemingly disappointed that women are not posting twerking videos of themselves online under the #MoonchildSanellyChallenge.

Many slammed the idea of posting such visuals especially with the rising gender-based violence and rape statistics in the country.