Sampra and La Parada owners reach an agreement over payment of music rights royalties

La Parada Olivedale Corner launch. Picture: Instagram/laparadalifestyle

La Parada Olivedale Corner launch. Picture: Instagram/laparadalifestyle

Published Mar 11, 2024


The South African Music Performance Rights Association (Sampra) and the Life and Brand Portfolio - the owners of popular restaurant brands Tiger’s Milk, La Parada and Old Town Italy - have reached an agreement over an impasse over the payment of royalties.

Sampra had opened a criminal case against the Life and Brand Portfolio and its directors for the unauthorised use of music without paying the requisite licence fees to their members for years.

However, due to productive discussions between the parties, Sampra has agreed to withdraw the case upon receiving payment of the licence fees by Life and Brand Portfolio.

Trevor Wollheim, the chief executive of Life and Brand Portfolio, has committed to signing a contract with Sampra and paying the applicable neighbouring rights licence fees.

“We love South African music, and all our establishments showcase how proudly South African we are,” Wollheim said in a statement.

South African Music Perfomance Rights Association (SAMPRA) chief executive Phanani Lishivha. Picture: Simphiwe Mbokazi/Independent Newspapers

Sampra chief executive Pfanani Lishivha said that they’re objective was not to create animosity between them and the Life and Brand Portfolio - who also own the Harbour House, Live Bait and Lucky Fish and Chips restaurant brands.

“Our objective was to ensure fairness for artists. We are satisfied that the meeting was fruitful and that artists will receive their dues.”

Sampra represents 40,000 recording artists and 6,000 record companies and collects licence fees from music users like Life and Brand Portfolio.

These fees are distributed to members as needletime rights royalties and it is law that business obtain necessary music licenses to use music lawfully.

Highly accomplished house musician and record label owner Frederick Tshabalala, famously known as DJ Ganyani, expressed excitement over the agreement between the two parties.

“We will now receive royalties from Sampra for our music used at their establishments.”

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