Sean Pages. Picture: Twitter

Local hip-hop star Sean Pages revealed on Twitter over the weekend that he had been sexually assaulted by his uncle when he was a child.

In a series of tweets, Sean Pages detailed the traumatic experiences on his timeline, expressing his rage. The rapper stated that he grew up as an “angry” child.

"Grew up an angry a** kid. Always breaking people's s**t and burning whatever I could put a match on”

The ‘I Was Angry At God’ star continued to explain that he had vowed to one day kill his uncle with his bare hands for what he did to him but someone beat him to it.

"The first vow I ever remember making to myself is "the day I get old enough and strong enough I'm goin to kill my uncle with my bare hands. Lucky for me and my future somebody got to him first."

He further explained that his world “felt a burst of new freedom” when he heard that his uncle's body was found "riddled with AK47 bullets" near the Juskei River.

"Rumor is his body was found by the Jukskei river riddled with AK47  bullets. Don't really know what happened don't really care. When I heard the news my world felt a burst of a new freedom"

On a positive note, Sean Pages said that the experience has made him over-protective of his loved ones because he wouldn't want the same thing to happen to his worst enemy.

"There's an upside to this tho. I'm straight protective of my people and never ever ever want them to experience this type o shit coz I know the pain and won't even wish that shit on my worst enemy"

With some all the love and support he received, the rapper took to Twitter to thank everyone who wished him well.