Shane Eagle back at his prolific best with album 'Green'

Shane Eagle. Picture: Supplied

Shane Eagle. Picture: Supplied

Published Mar 18, 2022


With fans still digesting Shane Eagle's recent single “Numerology”, the award-winning rapper released his long awaited album titled “Green”.

“Finally my sophomore Album is Out. I want to thank every genius mind and energy that helped me piece this together song by song,” he shared on Instagram.

“This was not an easy task but we did it. This means everything to me, so I could only create where it was pure. Thank you to my fans for riding with me this far. I'm humbled to share this with the world. Years spent and we years ahead.”

"Green" is Eagle's fourth project in a prolific early career run that's seen him emerge from reality TV show, “Vuzu Hustle” to become one of the most popular hip hop artists in the country.

His previous three projects – 2017s stunning debut album "Yellow", 2018s measured and considered "Never Grow Up" and 2019s moody and feature-heavy mixtape "Dark Moon Flower" – have seen Eagle masterfully showcase his versatility.

After going three years without a full-length release, the 25-year-old has once again reinvented himself with "Green" as he raps poetically and shares tales of some of his most important experiences.

These tales include his career-shifting interactions with Dreamville artists like Bas, and aspirations of working with Dreamville boss J.Cole in the song “Break the Loop”.

"Following his debut album “Yellow”, Shane’s second album “Green” is intended to build a colour scheme for his modus operandi of writing, engineering and compiling his albums, which differs from his approach to mixtapes like “Never Grow Up” and “Dark Moon Flower",” read an official press release sent to IOL Entertainment.

"The colour “Green” also pertains to a musical time capsule for a new season or “era of thought” that the artist imprints in his career - which represents a meeting point for years of manifestation turned to fruition and restoration.

"There is also an equal play on “Green” exemplifying interpretation and contrasts of both the natural and virtual world - where songs like “War Paint” and “Sistine Chapel” embody a true artist’s role and honest connection to his art form, by using his tongue as a tool for protest in recurring injustices relevant to the time we find ourselves in,“ it said.

In the build up to the album, Eagle released the potent and lyrical "Green" freestyle along with a video on his social media and YouTube accounts. The video offers a sincere visual journey with intimate glimpses into his life that tug at the heartstrings.

The supremely talented rapper and record executive wrote, engineered and arranged the entire album himself, which is incredibly impressive for an artist of his magnitude.

He also released the album independently through his own label, Eagle Entertainment, as he's done with his previous projects. Mixing and mastering duties were handled by producer and engineer Sriram Iyer.

"GREEN by @Shane_Eagle. tracks 9 & 16 produced by me. album mixed and mastered by me. out now everywhere music is streamed"

The press statement also said to expect a short film and mini documentary arranged with “Numerology” as the back track.

These two visual releases will be promoted in upcoming pop-ups, listening sessions and events around South Africa and brought full circle with an international “Green” tour planned for early 2023.

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