Skolopad. Picture: Instagram

Kwaito singer Skolopad is set to release her new track 'Ungayi Speak'lento' and hopes that her arch nemesis Zodwa Wabantu get a chance to listen to it.

Aiming for 5000 retweets, the singer will release her new single as soon as she hits her target.

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Speaking to  The Juice, the controversial singer says: "I hope Zodwa will listen and dance to it, as she is a dancer."

This comes after the ever-escalating beef between the socialites with the last comment coming from Zodwa claiming to not have time to feud with the singer. 

The feud stems from Zodwa's refusal to take a picture with Skolopad at the Feather Awards nominations party. 

Skolopad has also previously claimed to take the beef between them to the next level after she claimed Zodwa is a 'trailer' and is only famous because of her relationship with DJ Tira.