Temple Boys hurt, disappointed after party-goers get out of hand at Cape Town bash

The Temple Boys. Picture: Supplied

The Temple Boys. Picture: Supplied

Published Oct 31, 2022


The Temple Boys had their hands full when party-goers got out of hand at the group’s much-anticipated Areveerend Bash, which was hosted at Pigeon Hall in Ravensmead, Cape Town, on Friday.

The TikTok sensation, who have taken the Cape by storm and hail from Ravensmead and Uitsig, had social media buzzing as bloody videos about on the violence circulated over the weekend.

There was also speculation that one of the group members, Chadley, aka Mr Werkhom, was viciously stabbed and taken to hospital.

However, police spokesperson Wesley Twigg said police were not aware of a stabbing at the Pigeon Hall on Friday night.

ATTACKED: The Temple Boys hurt at Ravensmead concert

The Daily Voice spoke to Ronin “Mr Stifler” Johannes, who confirmed that he and some of his fellow group members were injured but said no one was stabbed or taken to hospital.

He said a fight broke out among the audience and then some people started throwing liquor bottles at the group.

“We got hurt and we are still injured but we are still continuing to do our gigs,” Johannes said.

“We were standing at the top, by the DJs, and a fight broke out in the crowd and people started fighting with mekaar (each other) and then mense (people) started throwing beer bottles at us.

“A paar (few) bottles struck us and a few of our friends. That was when the police came, but we are alright.”

The singer said they were disappointed with how their event turned out.

“This was our first event and we wanted to make it a big success because our plan was to use it as a fund-raiser to give back to the community,” Johannes said.

“Our intention was to hand out bread, soup and food but, now, it looks like we are the bad people.”

Videos are circulating online of some party-goers giving their account of events that took place. Explicit footage showed how some people were covered in blood and surrounded by police.

Johannes added that because of the violence, the party had to end early at around 10pm.

The owner of the Pigeon Hall, Gerald Bruintjies, said: “An aluminium window is broken, the handle of the front door is broken and the stove’s door and toilet door were af geruk (ripped out). I had a conversation with the Temple Boys and they said they would fix the damages of the door, so it is not a problem.”

The group released their latest track titled ‘General Gham’ on YouTube over the weekend.

Johannes added that new music was on the way.

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