Remy Producer competition Cape Town winners Oliver Madakwa and Sptmbr Yngstr with Riky Rick. Picture: Supplied
Capetonian DJs Sptmbr Yngstr and Oliver Madakwa have made it to the final leg of the Remy Martin Producers competition. 

Five Capetonian producers were chosen from many entries to show what they were made of for a live audience and the panel of judges at Rands Cape Town on Saturday.

The panel was led by Riky Rick with Master A Flat as a supporting judge. 

The contestants had to play a beat for the crowd and judges and were given a score out of 10 from the judges. 

Rick put the DJs on the spot by asking them to play another beat for one minute due to the fact that the majority of the contestants produced hip hop beats. Yngstr and Madakwa rose above the rest for showcasing their own unique style. Madakwa played an African infused beat, which was a crowd favourite, while Yngstr had EDM elements in his beat. 

Speaking about his experience as a judge in the competition Rick said: "It's been pretty neat, getting a whole lot of submissions you have to listen to a whole bunch of music. Some good, some alright and really amazing. And somehow you narrow it down to one person out of a city. It's crazy... but it's rewarding when you see the look on their faces at the end."

This was the second stop for the "Ragga Ragga" rapper and talking about what stood out for him he said: "Originality, everyone that's won or come through has had some sense of where they are from. Some sense of where we are at as Africa and they've got that little African touch to their music."

The final leg of the semi-finals is set to take place in Durban on August 23.