Viibes, an all-ingredients superstar Rap Duo in the making from Cape Town consisting of artists BlaQ-Slim (Buntu Mawisa) and ChingaTime (Luthando Ntshinga) is bound to make lyrical and musical waves with their latest hit song, Tower which promises to storm the SA local music charts.                                                                    

The concept of the song which is set to chant its way into the heart of each and every music lover, across all musical platforms is centred around the chorus which is basically wanting as much money as we can have, to make all our problems go away.

Arguably the hottest track in Cape Town at present, Tower was recorded and engineered by Spanner, produced by Young 88, Beatsmith, Joseph Elagon, Dave Beats and Lorenzo Francisco with immense support from Bavuse Balele under the leadership of Thokozile Ntshinga.

The idea came from taking two different styles of rapping, BlaQ-Slim (being lyrical) and ChingaTime (being more Melodic) and fusing these two styles to create music they choose to label as Vibes.

Says Viibes: “We have been making music together before we were Viibes and decided to finally work on a Project together which was originally meant to have five songs, but because our energy was so in sync we ended up doing 15 songs in two days. That’s when the lightbulb came on and decided to create a completely different artist with a completely different sound”.

Viibes is an amalgamation of these two artists background with BlaQ-Slim describing himself as a kid who lives in the grey scales of society as he does not entirely fit on the black and white, and ChingaTime who sees himself as a rough diamond and the more pressure being put on him the more he shines.

 “The chorus were the first lyrics to be laced, and then we moved onto the verses. The lyrics were put together with the idea of giving the audience something catchy, hence the Chorus and ChingaTime verse is so melodic with the focus on not necessarily what’s being said but how it’s being said”.

BlaQ-Slim comes from a more lyrical side, attacking the beat a whole lot more, then ending it off more melodic to tie it back into the chorus as smooth as possible. 

Both artists are also sound engineers with ChingaTime being a graduate and BlaQ-Slim still studying. This enables the duo to understand music and sound more in-depth whilst at the same time having the right melodies to make the music more mainstream Friendly.

Tower has recently been featured on various media platforms such as MTV Base (advert for an upcoming event called Capsule), Microwave Boys (one of the biggest YouTube shows in South Africa), Touch HD, Yfm, Hectic Nine 9 and Expresso.

The song is available on all digital platforms such as iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music and Amazon Music amongst others.