Black Coffee. Picture: Instagram/Christian Lamb

International renowned South Africa DJ Black Coffee has confirmed that Pharrell and other famous artists on are set to feature on his upcoming album.

Last year the 'Yours Eyes' producer shared a video of him in a studio session with Pharrell and during an interview with UK website, Complex News, he also confirmed a with Senegalese-born singer Akon.


The "Superman" DJ also highlighted that he made a conscious effort to work with South African artists too, which he is yet to reveal.

He also mentioned that he is helping EDM producer David Guetta on his upcoming album in a producing capacity.

"I have a lot of them. But one of them, it's almost happening, which is Pharrell. We're working on a song already; we spent some time in the studio. I'm also helping... David Guetta's doing his album."

Black Coffee also mentioned that he doesn't want to box himself into only being a dance music producer and is working with the likes of Cassie and Diplo on their upcoming projects. 

"I think I almost got trapped into one world of being a dance music producer when I've always known I can do more," he said.

"Now I'm starting to really do stuff... I'm working on a song with Yuna, working on a song with Cassie, for their projects. I'm doing something with Diplo. That's the world I want to be in. I'm doing songs; they don't have to be in the club."

Black Coffee is aiming for an August release date, but has not picked an exact date as of yet. 

Watch the full interview below: