WATCH: Kabza De Small reveals a key lesson that’s led to amapiano’s success

Kabza De Small. Picture: Instagram

Kabza De Small. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 4, 2021


Kabza De Small is often heralded as the producer leading the amapiano charge.

Fellow trailblazer DJ Maphorisa, arguably the genre’s most visible figure, rarely puts out any music without calling on the talented producer to add his touch.

On Tuesday, rapper Luna Florentino shared a minute-long video on Twitter where Kabza figuratively explains the importance of sharing the spotlight with others.

Amapiano artists have been lauded over recent years for their spirit of collaboration and willingness to propel new artists to the forefront of the genre.

A recent example is the emergence of Young Stunna, a new artist who seemingly emerged overnight but has already garnered the support of many of the industry’s bigwigs.

“This is why Piano has had more breakout artists in the past two years than SA Hip Hop had in the past seven years,” said the Rustenburg rapper in his Twitter post.

“Piano broers are gonna eat forever because of this ‘Pay It Forward’ mentality. They put you on so that you can do the same for others.”

— FRESH PRINCE OF RUSTENBURG (@LunaFlorentino_) November 2, 2021

In the clip, Kabza uses cake as metaphor for his analogy. “You must cut it into many pieces and share with others,” he says.

“You’ll get a small piece but the movement will go on. If you keep it to yourself, you’ll finish it.

“Or it’ll just sit there and melt. The cream will melt and it’ll go bad. You’ll have to throw it away, just like bread.

Twitter reacted to the clip, which has since gone viral:

@__Tshepo lauded Kabza for practising what he preaches. “What’s amazing is it’s not just words from this man, he practises this and we see it.”

— Ndah hosi yamina (@__Tshepo) November 3, 2021

“Kabza explaining ‘equal’ distribution and why collaboration has been key to piano in one minute,” added @starlavida.

“Love to see it. Sika le khekhe and grow the movement.”

— Star Senamile (@starlavida) November 3, 2021

@tanndobaloyi also weighed in: “SA hip hop, rappers reach 1 000 followers and stop replying to emails.”

“In SA hip hop they diss each other for having features or being featured a lot,” added @_slim_mkg.

“But amapiano has more features so everyone can eat.”

"When these guys said amapiano is a community they meant it,“ tweeted @_IamThato

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