JollyCPT, Tyler The Instigator and The Kulture. Picture: Kaaseeb Jones

'Own The Block', South Africa’s dopest reality rap show is back and packed with more bars and killer entertainment in season 2. 

Season 2 of "Own The Block (OTB)'' street rap battle league kicked off to a “Jolly” start as episode one was filled with clever, humorous punchlines from both rappers that made for a spectacular showcase.

Last season prominent Cape Town rapper YoungstaCPT also hosted one of the rap battles and debuted his 'Whose Who In The Zoo' music video on the YouTube channel.

Picking up from season one, OTB re-visited the Roadhouse in Cape Town, situated on the corner of Denchworth and Belgravia Road in Athlone.

The first contestant 17-year-old rapper Joshua “JollyCPT” Jacobs was chosen to do OTB after he dropped a comical video that showcased his freestyle abilities and was then selected to battle The Kulture. 

The Kulture, real name Keanu Daniels, was pleased to give his opponent as well as the audience a lesson in what a good rap battle looks like. 

All three rounds were filled with constant action and kept the crowd and Tyler The Instigator entertained for the entire time.

The Kulture demonstrated his experience and delivered a powerful message through his intelligently structured story-telling as he took on his opponent and the audience through a journey from the beginning to the end. 

However, JollyCPT did not go down without fighting. He brought a solid fanbase with him from his neighbourhood and had the crowd in tears with his witty freestyles as he threw disses at The Kulture. 

Although at one stage it seemed that he ran out of rhymes, he always seemed to come back with something that had the crowd going hysterical which worked in his favour.

This was not enough though as The Kulture took home the victory by a unanimous decision by the crowd.

Watch the full rap battle below: