YoungstaCPT in his music video 'Yasis'. Picture: Youtube

Proudly coloured rapper YoungstaCPT has released the music video for his song 'Yasis' and it is sure to be a banger.

The consistently "chlora" rapper is not letting his fame go to his head with the "Wes-Kaap" rapper bring his "brasse" along for the ride.

In the video, the rapper is seen driving on a quadbike in the desert and then it cuts to him and is friends at a corner store in Cape Town.

The rapper has been very vocal about being proud of his heritage and wanting to be an inspiration for young coloured youth in the Cape Flats and this music video shows that he also professes .

YoungstaCPT debuted the single earlier this month when he was touring in Australia and even taught the Aussie crowd when to say yasis.
Watch the music video for 'Yasis' below: