YoungstaCPT releases touching tribute video to Riky Rick

YoungstaCPT. Picture: Instagram

YoungstaCPT. Picture: Instagram

Published May 11, 2022


It's been two months since we lost iconic rapper and entrepreneur Riky Rick.

In the time since his death, tributes have poured in from influential figures across the world.

Perhaps the most touching tribute thus far has come from Capetonian rapper YoungstaCPT, with whom Riky enjoyed a close relationship with over the years.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about Youngsta's latest release, “Dear Rikhado, Love Riyadh,” which is an ode to his fallen friend that sees him speak on some of his fondest memories with Riky.

"I always suspected there was a method to your madness, you called me late at night when you were overcome with sadness," rapped YoungstaCPT.

"I could hear it in your voice, so I just tried to cheer you up. You seemed larger than life but still as real as one of us."

He also shared the pain he's been bottling up since Riky's death and expresses his commiserations over DJ Dimplez's recent passing.

“Dear Rikhado, I thank you for your time, your energy & your effort 🤲🏽😢💔Love Riyadh

Now, he's also released a music video for the song. The video includes scenes of the moments the two shared together over the years.

Directed by Mzi Xander and Son of Yusuf, the video also features scenes of YoungstaCPT performing at the recent Cotton Fest, the music and lifestyle festival founded by Riky Rick.

"Dear Rikhado, your loss cut a youngin' deep. 😞Dear Rikhado, Love Riyadh 🕊 ..." shared @MPHO_OM.